Guarantees for projects in the Agricultural sector

The guarantee program has been set up in cooperation with the Ministry of agriculture and food and started in the beginning of 2013.


Who can apply?

Beneficiaries with an approved project under one of the following measures of the Rural Development Program:

  • Measure 121: "Modernization of the agricultural holdings"
  • Measure 122: "Enhancement of the economical value of the forests"
  • Measure 123: "Adding value to forests and agricultural products"


What are the advantages of the program?

  • The guarantee covers up to 80% of the loans, granted by the commercial banks, but not more than 3 million leva.
  • Maximal interest rate on the loans: 9%
  • Maximal duration of the guarantee: up to 10 years
  • No taxes and commissions for the guarantees
  • No taxes and commissions for the loans
  • Faster loan approvall procedures
  • Lower collateral requirements
  • Priority to loans, secured with collaterals that are assets financed under projects approved in the framework of the Rural Development Program


Partner banks:

  • Allianz Bank
  • Alpha Bank
  • DSK Bank
  • Pireus Bank Bulgaria
  • Bulgarian American Credit Bank
  • United Bulgarian Bank
  • First Investment Bank
  • Raiffaisenbank Bulgaria
  • CiBank
  • Texim Bank
  • TBI Bank
  • UniCredit Bulbank
  • Central Cooperative Bank
  • Eurobank Bulgaria
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