Modern European enterprise processes vegetables in village of Dolna Dikanya

The only vegetable processing plant of its kind in Southeast Europe is located in the village of Dolna Dikanya, Radomir Municipality and is one of the largest projects supported by the National Guarantee Fund. The company is truly European in both design and implementation. Its main object is to process raw vegetables, such as potatoes, carrots, cabbage, onions, and pack them in different sizes and types of packaging.

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Italian man grows tomatoes in Bulgaria

Ero Fabrizio Freschi is an Italian farmer who comes to Bulgaria in 2004 and notices the many uncultivated lands in our country. He wonders how this is possible and decides to embark on a Bulgarian adventure by transferring his business to Bulgaria. He settles in the village of Shishmantsi, Rakovski Municipality, buys the buildings of the former collective farm in the village and now cultivates over 30,000 decares in the area.

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Old plant becomes modern European enterprise

One of the oldest enterprises for wheat and rice processing in Bulgaria is about to become the most modern plant in the European Union. The history of the plant is told by Slavyanka Hatipova, member of the Board of Directors.

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Successful Bulgarian farmer cultivates 4,500 decares of land

Meet Nelka Kostova from the village of Kaspichan. An intelligent, educated and ambitious farmer. "I am a successful farmer thanks to the Rural Development Program and the National Guarantee Fund," she says.

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Modern equipment brings pleasure to the work of farm in Targovishte

We find Donka and Boncho Vladimirovi in the Targovishte village of Saedinenie. They have purchased six new tillage machines with a loan of BGN 500,000 under Measure 121 of the Rural Development Program and a guarantee from the National Guarantee Fund (NGF).

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Engineer loses job, opens own mill in village of Bohot

The owner of the mill in the village of Bohot, Zlatko Anchev, is a gain processing and storage engineer, who has been engaged in bread production all his life. "It turned out that the mill in Pleven, where I was working, closed down and instead of going to the employment office, I decided to start my own business," says Anchev.

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