A modern animal farm in the village of Sanadinovo

We find Alexander Luibenov in a farm in the village of Sanadinovo, municipality of Nikopol, in which he raises 250 sheep, 250 cows, bulls and calfs. Aside animal farming, he cultivates over 6 500 dka of land.

He starts his business in agriculture in 1989. His first combine harvester is without cabine. And today he owns a modern set of agricultural equipment, that allows him to cultivate his own plot of land, as well as plots of land that he has rented and, thus, to successfully fulfill different types of agricultural activities.

He says that in animal farming there is not enough gain, so that it could be well developed, as it is in the western countries, but that he will not quit this activity.

In 2013 he prepares a project for the modernization of his holding. He needs equipment, so that he can process the wastes produced by the animals – tanker for liquid manure, a manure trailer, frontal wheel loader.

The new equipment will help him for the faster and more correct distribution of the manure on the land, as a result of which the amount of the used syntactical fertilizers will decrease and the harvest will increase. Alexander Liubenov is persuaded that the production with the use of natural manure is significantly higher than the one obtained with the use of synthetic manure.
The value of the project is 496 thousand leva and the subsidy is under the measure 121 of the Rural development program is 243 thousand leva. The project is financed by Raiffaisenbank Bulgaria for the amount of 393 thousand leva. The assets financed with the loan serve as collateral, as well as the guarantee of the NGF that amounts to 314,4 thousand leva.

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