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  • A modern animal farm in the village of Sanadinovo

    We find Alexander Luibenov in a farm in the village of Sanadinovo, municipality of Nikopol, in which he raises 250 sheep, 250 cows, bulls and calfs. Aside animal farming, he cultivates over 6 500 dka of land.

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  • Colonel brings military zeal to animal husbandry

    The Colonel's Farm – this is how people in the industry know one of the largest cattle farms in the Sliven region. Panayot Todorov is a former colonel who brings military zeal, discipline and patriotism in raising cows. He started animal husbandry years ago because he wanted to stay and develop in Bulgaria.

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  • Farmer modernizes farm with new equipment

    Yavor Tochilov from the village of Zagrazhdane raises 200 cows. He has been engaged in animal husbandry for 13 years. He is a hereditary farmer with ambitions to develop and modernize his farm.

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  • 29-year-old farmer with Best Beekeeper prize in Burgas region

    Dimitar Stanchev, 29, is an ambitious farmer awarded 2014’s Best Beekeeper in Burgas region. He has 400 beehives, which he keeps on the territory of three municipalities - from Malko Tarnovo to Burgas. He believes that in order to develop a business, investments and innovations are necessary.

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