16.06.2022 The National Guarantee Fund starts its first program for guarantees of leasing deals of small and medium-sized businesses

The partners under the program are UniCredit Leasing and OTP Leasing

The National Guarantee Fund, part of the group of the Bulgarian Development Bank, has started a specialized scheme for guarantees of leasing deals of micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises. This is the first-of-its kind program of the company - until now, it was only guaranteeing company loans granted by commercial banks.

The new program is starting in partnership with UniCredit Leasing and OTB Leasing, and other leasing companies are expected to join soon. The deals under the program will have a limit of BGN 1.5 million, and the guarantee will cover up to 50% of the financed value of the leased machines and equipment, transport vehicles or real estates.

The program will provide lower deposit requirements, as well as lowered criteria that have to be met by the lessees. The goal of the new guarantee line is to facilitate the access to resources of micro-, small and medium enterprises and to encourage companies to continue modernizing their production facilities despite the crisis.

The total amount of the program by the National Guarantee Fund is BGN 157.5 million, which will allow the leasing companies to conclude deals at a total value of BGN 315 million.

The deadline for lease application under the program is December 2023.

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