NGF invites commercial banks to participate in a new guarantee scheme in partnership with the Black Sea Trade and Development Bank

Националният гаранционен фонд отправя покана към търговските банки за участие в нова гаранционна схема за споделяне на...

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New Program by the NGF and the Black Sea Trade and Development Bank will provide BGN 150 million for SME businesses in the crisis environment

It will be financed through commercial banks and it shall cover up to 80% on the disbursed loan amount.

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Sofia Kassidova: The recovery and resilience plan will be the main crisis recovery mechanism for the Bulgarian economy

The recovery and resilience plan will be the main crisis recovery mechanism for the Bulgarian economy. It will provide...

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We are looking for solutions to take the business through and out of the crisis

The Bank is implementing at full speed the anti-crisis programmes it was assigned in 2020 We are looking for solutions...

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BDB’s Chief Economist: We are ahead of events and work to help people and businesses

Интересът към гаранционните програми на ББР в подкрепа на физическите лица и бизнеса е растящ, коментира в ефира на БНТ...

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Jivko Todorov, Executive Director: BDB is effective in support and development programs

The bank has taken on the role of one of the main anti-crisis instruments of the Bulgarian government, the Executive...

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Jivko Todorov, Executive Director of BDB: We are working on an option to re-apply for the guarantee program for individuals

ББР работи по вариант за повторно кандидатстване по антикризисната гаранционна програма за физически лица, за която...

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Fitch reaffirms BBB's "BBB" rating with a solid outlook

The international rating agency Fitch Ratings confirmed the long-term credit rating of the Bulgarian Development Bank...

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10 commercial banks are ready to grant loans guaranteed by BDB in support of business

10 commercial banks have announced their participation in the portfolio guarantee program in support of micro, small and...

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Panayot Filipov joined Bulgarian Development Bank as Executive Director and Member of the Management Board

BDB’s Management has a new member - the former Executive Director of the Bulgarian Export Insurance Agency Panayot...

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Jivko Todorov Is the New Executive Director and Member of the Management Board of the Bulgarian Development Bank

The Bulgarian Development Bank has a new member in its management - Jivko Todorov. He is an Executive Director and...

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Beneficiary Eligibility Criteria for interest-free loans, supporting people deprived of the possibility to work due to COVID-19 pandemic

Further to Council of Ministers Decision 257/14.04.2019, Bulgarian Development Bank announces the mechanism, conditions...

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